Designed by Request

Our staff have had many requests for special flower arrangements and we have always been able to complete them with very satisfying results.

For details on any special orders we can quote you by calling into our shop, if you have any pictures that you may want to show us, please bring them along so our staff know what colours, or design you require.

Pictures would need to be with us at least 5 days prior to your order being completed.

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A variety of different designs can be replicated in flowers these are available on request where our trained staff will work as close to the photos you supply as possible.


Our florists can discuss other special order options that are available


Special Items

All are available on request.



Orders can be specially requested like this Heart all made in fresh flowers so that it represents more than a floral tribute.



Special arranged in flowers of your choice depending on availability



Orders can be specially requested like this Wreath where you decide what flowers we use depending on the season availability.



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