The Church

A real tradition is to decorate your church with fresh flowers, When you walk down the aisle, in the perfect wedding dress, you will want the church to look almost as beautiful as you do.

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Your church wedding decorations need some specific thought, as there are things to consider that are particular to a church.

First of all you will want to know if there are any restrictions on what the minister in charge of the church will allow. A church is a spiritual home for many people and so you need to be sensitive to having appropriate decorations. There may also be practical considerations which the church caretaker or minister can advise you about. The final advantage in consulting someone who knows the church well is that they may have many good ideas about what works well in that space, and they will no doubt have seen many weddings conducted there.

The furniture at the front of the church provides an excellent opportunity for decorating the church. The altar (communion or high table),a lectern (where people stand to do readings) or the pulpit (where the vicar stands), can all be decorated.


You can also use stands for flower arrangements, or put large vases of flowers directly on the floor, especially on the top level of the front of the church. If the church has a communion rail this is also a good place to wrap fabric or flowers, and can be used to anchor balloons if you are using them.

As with your wedding reception decorating, you will get the best result in your church wedding decorations if you plan carefully beforehand and use your theme as much as you can.

Ideas and Tips for Church Wedding Decorations

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